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Today, parents are aware of the health risk of chemicals, pesticides, synthetics hormons and the use of antibiotic in lifestock. Organic food is the natural healthier choice.

 ORGANIC BONMIL is certified organic by AsureQuality, New Zealand and contains no chemical, antibiotic, pesticides and herbicides residue hormone or even preservatives and artificial flavouring.

ORGANIC BONMIL originated from The Netherlands, the land of fresh air and green environment and where dairy products are acclaimed worldwide for its quality, goodness and taste. BONMIL is produced under stringent controls and certified organic by the organic association AsureQuality New Zealand.

 ORGANIC BONMIL STEP 4 is an organically formulated with vital nutrients to meet the required needs of growing up children. It fulfilled 3 most crucial requirements; ie.

  • Sustaining healthy development
  • Strengthening resistance
  • Improving digestion

Nutrient facts
Enriched with

  • DHA for growth and functional development of brain. DHA is found abundantly in the brain.
  • Nucleotide to enhance immune system.
  • AA for better development and growth.
  • Organically cultured prebiotic and Oligosaccharides to strengthen the digestive system.

Did you know?

Children are most active at this stage, running, jumping, climbing and throwing. Interactions with other children at nursery will expose her to germs. As they learn to have different types of food, fast or conventional, organic milk with no artificial flavoring and preservative ensure a healthy alternative to complete a whole day needs.

Healthy children learn more. 

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