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Herbal Tea-Lite is a natural blend of tea especially formulated for dieters. We use the best natural ingredients blended in a modern scientific process to bring you diet tea of the highest quality. Herbal Tea-Lite is refreshing, yet effective and convenient for dieters.

Benefits of Herbal Tea-Lite

  1. Detox; a clean colon is important in stabilizing body weight.
  2. Improves digestive system.
  3. Promotes weight loss without any discomfort & diarrhea.

What is Herbal Tea-Lite?

Herbal Tea-Lite is a natural blend of herbal tea especially formulated for dieters. After taking heavy meals, a glass of Herbal Tea-Lite will help to detox and improves digestion.

Is Herbal Tea-Lite safe to use?

YES, it uses all safe ingredients. All natural and it does not contain any drugs or chemicals.

How it works?

The herbs have a gentle stimulating effect on the digestive system, effectively regulating bowel movement and proper colon function. This encourages the removal of waste from the body, promoting weight loss without any discomfort or diarrhea.

Packing: 26 Teabags x 3gm

Did you know?

Herbal Tea-Lite is traditionally used to reduce body weight. It is 100% Herbal.

No Drugs, No chemicals

No Phentermine, No Fenfluramine, Simply All natural.

MAL NO: 20033787T

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